At Strother Law Office we are committed to providing our clients with the personal attention they need.

Going through a divorce? Don’t go it alone. Our team of highly qualified lawyers at Strother Law Office will work with you to represent you well during this stressful time and achieve the legal outcome that you want.


Construction law is a messy process. Let Strother Law Office handle the hassle for you. When you need to navigate the waters of the legal process quickly to prevent halting your construction project, our lawyers are there to help.


Don’t allow yourself to experience the pain and suffering that accompanies any personal injury. Contact the lawyers at Strother Law Office. We’ll work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.


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strotherDo you want to know what you will want more than anything else in court?

It’s simple. You will want somebody who is on your side. In a court of law, everything is about persuasion, and having an advocate fight for you can make a big difference. That’s why hiring a trusted lawyer in Boise, ID is so important.

You might be able to represent yourself in court, and you might even be able to win. However, in order to present yourself successfully in a court of law, you must spend a large amount of time studying the laws that surround your case. You have to know what will be presented against you. And most of all, you have to understand how to present a winning strategy.

We want to help you, so contact us here at Strother Law Office whenever you need a trusted lawyer in Boise, ID. Whatever your circumstances are, we'll work hard for you. We aim to provide personal attention on every case and listen to the needs of our clients.

Without the proper training, it could be a very difficult task to address legal issues on your own. Our law firm can do the hard work for you and assist you with your legal challenges. Our practice areas include:

  • Legal malpractice law
  • Malpractice law
  • Personal injury law
  • Family law 
  • Litigation law
  • Construction law

We offer local representation for those who need a Boise, ID lawyer. You don't have to face your legal situation by yourself. Our flexible appointment availability at Strother Law Office gives you the opportunity to meet with us when you're ready. Call us so we can serve you. Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm, and weekends by appointment.

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